Car gadgets
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Essential gadgets and accessories for your car, extras, how to organise your car accessories? Enjoy reading!

05. 05. 2022

Car gadgets
Car gadgets

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Car gadgets

Functional car gadgets are more than just a way to keep the vehicle clean. On the contrary - most of those products are made to provide the user with maximum comfort in using the available electronics. After all, the car can also become a place for entertainment and at times, even work.

USB flash drive for every occasion

It’s always a good idea to have a package of necessary data with you. These can be multimedia files (e.g. to play music in the car), as well as important office documents, the content of which should be introduced to the audience during lectures taking place all over the country. Flash drives are available in a wide range of memory sizes, ranging from 1 to even 64 GB. What’s more, such gift car gadgets can be equipped with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectors. Some of them can be prepared in a form of special charms for keys (e.g. for car keys).

Car accessories - energy banks

Powerbank is another gadget that can come in handy in your car. It’s best if it has the possibility of inductive charging, thanks to which the level of USB connector operation will be reduced to a minimum. What’s important is that this gadget doesn’t have to be limited only to charging mobile devices. With the help of a special 3-in-1 adapter, the user can connect the device to a compatible laptop (via the PD connector or USB-C connector) in order to quickly charge it.

Inductive charger

A functional car induction charger is a great gadget that will give you easy access to a large amount of energy. This equipment can be easily connected to the cigarette lighter socket and what is more, it can be used during a very dynamic ride. A smartphone which can be charged with an inductive charger is always available without having to disconnect and reconnect the power cable.

Comfortable lanyard

Amazing gadgets for the car can also take the form of a functional lanyard on which you can hang everything you need: starting with a set of necessary keys, ending with discreetly designed USB flash drives. A personalized lanyard is a symbol of order and professionalism. It’s also an extremely practical gadget, one that allows you to keep all the needed accessories close at hand.

LED torch

A bright LED flashlight is a functional gadget, that every driver should have in the car. We are talking about models equipped, among others, with the COB LED function, which increases the output power of the flashlight without shortening the battery life. Thanks to this flashlight, no darkness will be scary anymore.

To sum up, practical car gadgets will make driving in your car even more comfortable. What’s more, thanks to them you’ll be able to turn your car into a business and multimedia center. Take a look at our catalogs to see all the gadgets for the car we offer.

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