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Wall calendars are extremely popular as advertising calendars, because not only are they practical advertising medium, but they also fulfill their informative task. Printed calendars are three-fold, four-fold and single-section calendars in many variants, multi-plate calendars, single-plate calendars in many formats, as well as planners and desk calendars.

individual calendars

Individual calendars


Wide range of finishing

unique graphic designs

Unique graphic designs

Desk calendars

Their main function is helping to schedule everyday activities. They are also an excellent and useful promotional gift, which can provide information important for the organization in a sophisticated design.

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individual calendars

Individual calendars

Calendars with an individually designed graphic layout, are a real piece of work in the category of printed calendars. We can mark the birthdays of your relatives and family for you, as well as chosen holidays according to your preferences. Of course, we will also make sure that the distinction is aesthetically applied and it is impossible not to notice it.

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Wide range of finishing

We refine the prints of our calendars by using glossy, matte and satin foils or by using hotstamping with metallic foils. Thanks to those, our calendars stand out from many other ones. Throughout the year, you can enjoy the view of their unique graphic design.

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enrichment palette
graphic designs

Unique graphic designs

In addition to their practical function, the calendars are also aesthetic. Designed to meet both of these conditions, the calendars become a unique element decorating the interior. In the case of original projects, they can be used as pictures and artistic graphics.

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Examples of refinements

embossing with a die

Embossing with a die

uv lacquer

UV lacquer

gold foil

Gold foil

matt foil

Matt foil

silver foil

Silver foil

eco paper

Eco paper

Company calendars

Timing is inextricably linked with human activity. All our activities have some sort of deadlines. Our time is divided into periods: days, weeks, months and years. That’s why wall or desk calendars are indispensable in every industry. Everything we produce, sell and buy takes place in a strictly defined time. Wall and desk company calendars are a traditional, useful and irreplaceable tool for many workers. An additional advantage of a company calendar is that it’s the carrier of the company's image, brand or information.

Standard three-fold calendars can be seen in every office and they present the three months of the year: current, past and future, which makes it easier to plan and identify events or important dates in time. A sliding bar with a window highlighting the current day is an additional advantage and a useful accessory. The head of the book calendar is a great place to put interesting graphics or photos and can be additionally exposed by using glossy, matte, satin foils or hotstamping with metallic foils. What is more, the calendars can come with an individually designed graphic layout. Individual calendars are the icing on the cake of three-fold calendars. It distinguishes it from many other calendars. All over the year, it pleases the eye with its unique graphic design.

Board wall calendars not only can be a classic calendar but also hold a decorative function. Each board can be individually designed or show a photo, documenting important events in the company, the production process or other topics important to the company. Board calendars are available in many formats and their printing can be enriched with additional decorative elements such as hot stamping with gold foil. Desk calendars - they are a very handy item in everyday work. We can quickly arrange and mark interesting and necessary dates. A desk calendar can also be a commercial gadget which can be given to our clients and colleagues.

The desk calendar also has some space to attach interesting graphics or photos, which makes it an excellent carrier of basic information - i.e. contact details.

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