Which wireless headphones to choose?
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Listening to music "without a cable" is a major convenience. Today, wireless technologies are so advanced that it is possible to stream audio signals of very high quality. This is particularly true of Bluetooth, which has evolved to become the most functional method of data streaming.

11. 05. 2022

Which wireless headphones to choose?
Which wireless headphones to choose?

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Which wireless headphones to choose?

What’s the most important thing about wireless headphones? The answer is simple: the converter! This component determines the sound quality. The dynamic transducers are a very good choice in that matter, ensuring that we will receive an optimal signal-to-noise ratio. Professional wireless headphones for a computer or smartphone are already equipped with electrostatic transducers, which are much more sensitive to sounds of very low (below 30 Hz) and very high (above 20,000 Hz) frequencies.

Power supply - the basic issue

How much do wireless headphones cost? The price of a particular model somewhat depends on the batteries - by far the heaviest element of the construction. Simple headphones for 200 PLN can work without a source of power for a maximum of 3 to 5 hours. More advanced systems work even for several hours without interruption, offering up to two or even three times longer working time in standby mode. Unfortunately, such a large battery capacity equals higher weight and bigger size, which also means the design of a given model might be less sophisticated.

Design and noise reduction

When it comes to the design wireless headphones come in various forms. The simplest of them are in-ear models, which are light, cheap, but also don’t provide the optimal conditions for receiving sound. Around-the-ear headphones are a much better solution, consisting of characteristic cushions that wrap the ears, silencing the noises of the environment. Models equipped with an active noise reduction system might be a good choice: the device compensates for external interference by emitting a signal with an opposite waveform.

How do I connect wireless headphones?

Charged wireless headphones can be connected with a smartphone, tablet and even a computer very easily. Just select the applet responsible for activating the Bluetooth connection, and then pair the two devices with each other. Some Bluetooth protocols provide a very long communication range (over 10 meters), which gives you full movement independence while listening to the music.

How do I choose wireless headphones?

When choosing wireless headphones, it’s a good idea to focus mainly on power supply, sound frequency response and their construction. The optimal “computer” model can be purchased for as little as 200-300 PLN.

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