Renewable energy sources
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The renewable energy market has not collapsed and - above all as a bottom-up initiative - has become an interesting alternative to fossil resources.

09. 05. 2022

Renewable energy sources
Renewable energy sources

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A few words on statistics

According to the EU directive, Poland was obliged to obtain 15% of energy from renewable sources by 2020. However, according to the information provided by the portal 300gospodarka.pl, the share of renewable energy in the national energy balance reached slightly above 21% (as of 2020). According to projected growth prognosis, with each subsequent year, the share of renewable energy sources will grow by several percent!

What are the renewable energy sources in Poland?

Renewable energy sources examples of their use and how they can generate electricity.

Fixed biomass

  • It’s by far the most popular source of energy, which is usually obtained from burning properly processed wood or some arable crops. The most commonly used form of solid biomass is pellets. Its advantage is a small amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of the gas obtained during tree growth. It’s also good to know that pellet ash can also be used as a functional fertilizer.

Wind energy

  • The general idea of operation of wind turbines is very simple. A special windmill is mounted on a generator which, when put in motion, generates an electric current with a variable waveform. Obtaining energy from wind is not enough! It’s absolutely substantial to be able to properly stabilize this energy. For this purpose, special electronic systems are used and they cooperate with the turbines that generate electricity.

Solar energy

  • Sunlight is a powerful energy carrier and its potential is definitely worth using. The goal of photovoltaic installations is to convert sunlight falling on semiconductor systems directly into electricity. The advantage of this system is its maintenance-free and high degree of automation. What’s more, solar panels can be used even on small areas, including home or other building’s roofs.

Water energy

  • This is the domain of farms located mainly in mountain areas. While it’s undeniable that the cost of building a small, home-made hydroelectric power plant is quite high, the access to a stable source of energy is a huge advantage. Due to the high efficiency of water turbines, they are also used by some of the large tourist and recreational facilities.

Generating energy by using renewable methods is not only another option, but above all an obligation for the next generations.

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