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Promotional gadgets 1

EKO products, electronics, VIP sets, stationery sets, promotional mugs, office and work, food and drink, sport and leisure, gadgets for the home and kitchen, gadgets for play and fun, bags and backpacks, leather goods, umbrellas, key rings, wristbands, tools and reflectors.

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Promotional gadgets 2

Gadgets, products perfect for gifts, sets of everyday items. Electronics, labeled advertising products, ecological products. A wide range of everyday gifts that will be perfect for displaying your logo. Thanks to them, your brand will be noticed. The catalog includes articles from the category of electronics as well as sports and recreation.

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Promotional gadgets 3

Sets of gadgets made of bamboo, electronics, pens, sets of articles for the office and home. Environmentally friendly products. Check the catalog full of ecological products. It includes gadgets made of bamboo, sets for home offices and a wide range of stationery.

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Promotional gadgets 4

Textiles, gadgets, stationery, bags, technology, clocks, office supplies, eco products, narzędzia i inne przydatne produkty. Zbiór gadżetów wpisujących w trend Eco tools and other useful products. A collection of gadgets in line with the eco trend and more. In this catalog you can find many useful products in the field of technology, tools, textiles and much more. Check them out!

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Promotional gadgets 5

Are you getting ready for a trip? In this catalog you will find many articles to help you prepare for your trip. Travel gadgets, tools, backpacks, stationery, electronics, gifts, souvenirs, leisure and home items, key rings, textiles and much more!

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Premium gadgets

Exclusive stationery, fountain pens, rollerball pens, USB pens, notebooks and organizers, torches, multifunction tools, premium gadgets. Products by SHEAFFER, CROSS, EXO, NEBO.

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Calendars and notebooks 2023

Book calendars, notebooks, stone and grass paper, power banks, usb splitters, bindings, badges, creative stitching, binding bindings, accessories, rubber bands, personalization, packaging, eco sets.

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Promotional mugs, sublimation mugs, ceramic calicoes, cups, sets, glasses and mugs, spoons, plates, corrugated cardboard packaging for ceramics.

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T-shirts, polos, shirts and business wear, sweatshirts, hoodies, fleeces, softshells, jackets, children's, underwear, sports and leisure, bistro, workwear, bags, hats and accessories, home textiles.

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Rollups, walls, flags

Rollups, rollup accessories, standard stands and stands with LED lighting, flags, boards, advertising structures, exhibition walls, tents, umbrellas, sunbeds, screens, pouffes, tablet holders, leaflet stands, hanging advertisements.

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Display systems

Exhibition stands, exhibition walls, rollups, stands, flags, outdoor, information systems, counters, LED light boxes, stands for flyers and tablets, lighting, handing kits, modular stands, boards, tents, sunbeds, bags and suitcases, shelves, hangers and tables.

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Pierre Cardin Sets

VIP sets, metal pens, touchpens, rollerball pens, fountain pens, writing sets, gift sets, business card holders, notebooks, pencils, key rings, USB sticks, electric lighters, luxury folders, power banks.

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Trophies and medals

Cups, molded figurines, trophies, medals and accessories, diplomas, plastic figurines, molded medals, emblems, plates with print and engraving, business awards, glass statuettes, pins, coins.

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