Unique graphic designs

The space that surrounds us is full of images and symbols. They accompany us during every activity: at work, home or at the theater. The image shapes our reality, speaks to us, informs us. Therefore, perfectly prepared graphics are not only pleasing to the recipient's eyes, but also hold much necessary information.

Logos for your company


Logo design

For us, designing a logo is a process full of creative expression. The graphic form of the logo must be unique and distinctive because it is a sign operating in the external space, identifying the company or brand. Minimalism and purity of form are the most desirable features of a logotype.

Web design

Web design projects

We live in a time of rapid development of the Internet network. Each industry, company or institution uses a website as a form of self-presentation. Therefore, the graphic design of such a website is an extremely important task. It will make the website stand out from the others with its intuitiveness, the accuracy of the information it contains. Also, the proper logo will allow to achieve satisfying positioning and reaching a dedicated target.

Web design
Web design
vector graphics
Vector graphics

Vector graphics

Vector format

Vector graphics are written using coordinates, which is why it maintains quality in all dimensions! Vector designs are great for cutting from a plotter, large format prints, animations and applications and websites. Unique illustrations in carefully selected color ranges will make your project unique and eye-catching.

Visual identification

VIS - visual identity system

It’s a system which allows you to maintain a coherent visual concept, protecting the company's logo, adhering to the rules of its presentation and pointing at the use of appropriate colors and elements in various graphic or multimedia projects.

Visual identification - VIS
Visual identification
Corporate calendars designs
Business Calendars

Business Calendars

Personalized calendars

This is a part of our offer of calendars, in which the interior is individually designed in its entirety. This allows you to achieve an unlimited form of graphic expression and adjusting the design to the sophisticated needs of the recipient. Calendars prepared in this way are always very unique projects that we present in our portfolio.

Promotional printouts


Graphic designs come into the actual shape at the time of printing. Therefore, its quality is extremely important. We verify and evaluate every printed project. That’s how we make sure our customers will receive printouts in accordance with the design.

Print projects
Large format advertising designs
Outdoor advertising design

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising design

We will design readable and eye-catching large-format advertisements for you, as well as we will select the appropriate media and locations. Our projects are characterized by transparency, carefully selected colors and refinement down to the smallest detail.

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Nowadays, marketing and advertising cannot do without this extremely important field: graphic design. It’s the foundation of every significant creative agency. Our team consists of people full of passion for design, who constantly improve their qualifications and enrich the workshop. In order to create an interesting and timeless graphic design, purely technical skills are far from being enough, as well as perfect operation of graphic programs from the Adobe family. Unlimited imagination, courage and the joy of creating - these are the indispensable ingredients of a great graphic design. The ability to play with form and color, combine elements in an unusual and not obvious way - these are just some of the secrets of a good graphic designer. Often, however, our imagination has to give way to other essential conditions. Moving in the colors narrowed by SIW is a real art. How to create a monochrome design that will meet your audience’s expectations? There are many challenges, and these are the ones we like the most. It’s a test of our skills and a motivation to constantly improve them. However, the most important thing for any graphic designer is the client's acceptance of the project. Your satisfaction is our priority. Nothing motivates us more than presenting the client with a great project that we and he will be proud of. How great it is to see a logo designed by us that accompanies our client in his business success. It becomes a recognizable mark on the market and this gives us great satisfaction because we have had our modest share in this success.

Thinking of changing the layout of your stock?

Our graphic team is at your disposal . After a full analysis of your needs and expectations, we will prepare and present you with suitable solutions for graphic changes in your promotional and informational materials. If you need a rebranding or logo refresh, we're also here to help. We are an experienced team and our portfolio includes trademarks that already function in the business space. We also prepare complex projects of product catalogs containing numerous technical information about products. We are substantially and practically prepared to undertake many tasks related to graphic design. We offer you our experience, passion and commitment.

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