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Giving up non-recyclable products may be the first, very important step for your company in the way to achieve an eco-friendly style of management.

Check out our offer of ecological promotional gifts that will not only please your customers, but also our planet and all its inhabitants, humans and animals among them.

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eco paper

Alternative solutions
reduce plastic consumption


Certificates of

zero waste

Recycled products
in the spirit of zero waste

Ditch the harmful plastics
by replacing them with those close to nature.

grass paper

grass paper

stone paper

stone paper

Corn-based PLA

corn-based PLA

coffee husks

coffee husks

wheat straw

wheat straw



organic cotton

organic cotton

We offer biodegradable, wood and recycled products.

All of our gadgets are environmentally friendly, as well as durable and aesthetic.

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A wide range of unique
ECO solutions will delight everyone.

Examples of products
from coffee beans.

check Thermal mug Brazil White

check Thermal mug Brazil Mug

check Thermal mug Brazil

ecological gadgets
biodegradable bamboo

Suggestions using
biodegradable bamboo.

chceck Caracol smartphone and amplifier stand

chceck Inductive Charger

chceck Pendrive

chceck Bluetooth speaker with inductive charger

Gadgets made from
wheat straw.

check Bluetooth speaker

check Square inductive charger

check Ring inductive charger

eco notebooks

Notebooks with ecological,
FSC-certified paper covers.

check The inside of the notebook can also be eco-friendly - printed on stone or grass paper.

Eco-friendly paper
manufactured fromgrass fibers.

check Set of two Duo notebooks made from eco-friendly grass fiber paper.

eco notebooks
stone paper eco

Waterproof and durable
stone paper.

check Plotter-marked Stonebook

stone paper

Did you know


Stone paper
saves trees and water?

The use of 1 ton of stone paper saves our planet as much as 17 trees and 34 liters of water. What is more, the paper is biodegradable, which makes it reusable.


energy consumption.

The use of stone paper allows you to save up to 477 kW of energy in the production of 1 ton of paper compared to the traditional production of fiber paper.


Our modern civilization has achieved a development that our planet hasn’t seen before. Gradually, we overcome new technological barriers, and introduce changes to our surroundings, environment and life at a rapid pace. We are proud of our achievements in many areas, such as technology, IT, biology, genetics, medicine, physics and astronomy. We reach into space and into the cellular structure, achieving more and more every decade. We study the building blocks of the universe in which we live. We’re doing magnificent experiments on elementary particles in powerful accelerators. We harness the energy of the atom, and this is just the beginning of it all. In this rush towards continuous, rapid development, we left somewhere behind the fundamental issues directly related to our lives. We have stopped noticing the gap that has been widening for decades between us and the environment in which we live. Delighted by the great achievements of technology, we lost contact with the basis of our existence - Mother Earth. This is how past civilizations and cultures used to call our planet, and rightly so. They understood who the Earth is for us - a nurse, a caring protector, a life giver, but also someone who can punish us. What we have forgotten is now painfully reminded to us. The environment poisoned by ourselves has become our opponent who really threatens us. Air, water and soil - overexploited and used - have lost their life-giving properties.

Is there a solution...

We are now facing a challenge of a huge scale. We must reconcile our need for development and expansion - with respect for the environment in which we live - otherwise we will annihilate ourselves. We don't have access to Earth No. 2, perhaps one doesn’t even exist. How to start this transformation? Have we not come too far in this march towards the stars? Perhaps it’s right about time to take a look at Earth before we set off for distant planetary systems. Right here, right now is the time and place to pause and take a careful look on this planet that gave us life. It doesn’t require much of us. It just wants us to learn from it. Perfect nature produces only what can be recycled. Nothing in nature is wasted. If you care about your and your children's future, start with the simplest actions. Eliminate products that generate useless garbage from your surroundings. Introduce products that are recyclable and made of materials that can be reused in the manufacturing process. Use reusable items, abandon plastic in favor of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, glass. Take cotton and hemp bags when shopping: those are very durable, you can wash them and enjoy them for many years, not littering the planet. Segregate waste - we’d like to help you with specially designed containers and bags for waste segregation, which you will find in our offer. Reduce the amount of used packaging by using reusable packaging or packaging made of recyclable paper. Thermo mugs made of bamboo and stainless steel also have an amazing durability.

We would like to present a number of articles that perfectly fit into the environmental protection plan. Made of good, natural materials or recyclable, they are neutral for the environment that is already heavily exploited.

We propose:
  • Stone paper notebooks
  • Grass paper notebooks
  • Gmoles made of plaster and bamboo

Products made of modern recyclable materials, such as biomass, i.e. straw, grass or corn leaves and many others.

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