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The Internet is our parallel world. It creates a reflection of reality and existence in it is no longer a choice but a necessity in the modern world. But how to find yourself in the huge amount of information? How to stand out and appear in the collective consciousness of the Internet? The correct answer is a dedicated website and e-commerce system created by us in accordance with the needs of your organization. We will make the website unique and notable with its intuitiveness, unique design and the accuracy of the information contained therein, which will allow proper positioning and reaching a dedicated target group.

web programming
Website development

Web pages

Website for your company

We create dedicated websites adjusted to your needs, e-commerce systems and mobile and VR applications. We use modern frameworks and CMS systems. The websites we create are fully responsive and they have a clear user interface, easy administration and appropriate security. What is more, we integrate with external systems, which gives us the possibility to offer you services such as chat or website usage data analysis. We also provide regular backups and technical support, we will help you choose the appropriate domain, we will take care of the server and perform SEO optimization, such as website positioning in search results.

Online Stores


We will prepare e-commerce online stores for you based on easy-to-use CMS systems, we will prepare a full graphic design of the project, and we will also take care of the flawless functionality of the website, data flow security and compliance with legal requirements, including the GDPR regulation. We offer technical support throughout the completion of the project and we will also train your team in website maintenance. We will carry out software updates, take care of backups and user involvement as well.

SEO - positioning of websites and stores

Website positioning


Positioning, also known as SEO, is the process of text optimization, as well as adapting graphics and website code, including metadata invisible to the regular user, in order to obtain a high position in search engine. We will perform SEO activities for your website by conducting market and competition analysis, auditing your current website, preparing keywords, website management strategy and optimizing your website content and code to obtain a specific search target for your website.

Web application

Web application development

Dedicated web applications based on the newest programming environments, created for a specific functionality, giving users the freedom to choose and configure objects. E-learning platforms, product configurators, 3D and VR applications, e-books, e-commerce and other projects - prepared to meet your specific needs. Accessible from a browser on a device of your choosing. We take care of the highest quality of the code, as well as use a version control system. We also create software prototypes according to your project and needs.

web applications
Web applications
website audits
Website audits

Website audits

Website audit

We will audit your current website in terms of: performance, errors in the software, accessibility to users, responsiveness on mobile devices and those with high resolutions (4K monitors), position in search results (SEO), server and domain costs and the correctness of graphic interfaces. Zapraszamy do kontaktu!

CMS training

Content management system support

We organize training and we also work in the field of modernization and expansion of the most popular CMS systems, including Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop and many others. We will provide you with a detailed explanation on how to use the system, how to update it and how to expand the content of the website, analyze traffic on the website, as well as moderate user-generated content and manage it in an easy way.

cms training
CMS training
Interactive 3D projects - webVR

webVR projects

Virtual reality in the browser

● Interactive VR projects available from the browser level, made in the webVR technology, which can be also placed on a website in 3D mode, are perfect for presenting products on VR glasses. They allow the user to plunge into the virtual world while interacting with objects. It can take the form of a virtual walk, game, interactive presentation or training. This innovative way of providing a variety of services allows the recipient to be remembered through an interactive happening that stirs the imagination. Provide your clients with an unforgettable experience and present yourself in a modern way.

Test our VR project by clicking on the frame next to it and using the arrows on the keyboard to move in 3D space. In order to interact, click on the logo or ball model.

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We provide comprehensive service for projects

We will take care of every aspect of your project, from the design process to implementation on the target infrastructure to positioning, backups and updates.

unique graphic design

Unique graphic design

easy CMS system

Easy CMS system

technical support

Technical support


Regular backups

seo placement

SEO positioning



data analysis

Analysis of statistics

API integrations

API integrations


Full website responsiveness


WCAG 2.1 standardization


Live Chat

domain and server

Domain and server

website audits

Website audits

dedicated applications

Dedicated applications

e-commerce online stores

Online stores

We use modern technologies

Professional tools for complex projects, open-source systems, version control and CMS.





















Design customized for every device and browser

Full compatibility with any device and operating system.


Google Chrome








Microsoft Edge


Internet Explorer

Mobile application for android

We will implement an Android version of the web application for you, with publication in the Google Play store.



The parallel, digital world has become an inseparable part of our analog reality. Being on the internet is no longer a choice: it has become a necessity. In the network of the global Internet, we exist in the form of digital information. The most important thing is that we have an influence on what information will be shown online and how it will be placed on the Internet.

The most popular form of self-presentation, which doesn’t have to require large expenditure of funds, is placing a business card on the web. It’s a type of shortened website without extensive subpages and it contains the most important information about the company, contact details, and a short description of what the company does. Another form of presentation is an extensive website containing subpages where the company's activities are presented in detail: with specific contact details, contact forms, a full description of the offer, gallery, etc. It’s a good idea to be present on social networks and portals dedicated to entrepreneurs and business.

● Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great ways of presenting current events and activities as well as the company itself. Mentioned pages make it easier to reach the audiences and create relationships with them. In the era of various changes, the Internet has become a meeting place not only for private events. Companies also see the possibilities of the Internet. Yearly, the internet sales increased and in the next 5 years it is expected to remain so. In times of changes and current challenges, a new pandemic reality awaits us. Even the greatest skeptics of the Internet had to admit it has many advantages in the current situation. Internet communication in the pandemic times appeared to be very helpful during lockdowns. The next step into the new reality might be creating an online shop, though it’s a more expensive solution. We can prepare a complex e-commerce system prepared to sell products and services of all kinds.


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