Environmental protection
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Nowadays, the topic of environmental protection is being raised more and more frequently. For the sake of the common good of the planet as well as future generations, we present a short article with information on this topic.

23. 05. 2022

Environmental protection
Environmental protection

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What is environmental protection?

Anyone who thinks that environmental protection is only a macro-scale process is wrong, and it is necessary to take into account the EU funding spent on that purpose. In the reality that surrounds us, anyone can take care of environmental protection, even on the basis of the most ordinary premises not having much in common with the slightly pompous ideas of caring for nature.

What is environmental protection?

Environmental protection is a way of behavior in which the central element is care for the natural ecosystem. We are talking not only about caring for animals and plants, which is obviously very important, but also about far-reaching care for shared resources. These are constantly depleted, which in the longer term is not only associated with the destruction of nature, but also with the economic and energetic crisis.

Environmental protection examples

There are many (mostly bottom-up) methods of protecting the environment. Among the most interesting we can point out:

  • reduction of energy consumption: the habit of turning off unnecessary receivers, as well as introducing more energy-saving solutions,
  • limitation of (unnecessary) water consumption, using devices that reduce water wastage,
  • obtaining energy from natural sources, including water or air, but also biological materials,
  • reduction of the amount of trash generated by us through the use of reusable packaging,
  • waste segregation, facilitating their recycling and disposal,
  • local activism - organizing pro-ecological actions, such as our action of cleaning the closest area of the Odra River,
  • the use of modern and verified techniques of lighting furnaces , thanks to which the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere is getting significantly lower,
  • changes in the automotive market, which aren’t only limited to encouraging investments in electric cars, but also force the introduction of new innovations that make these vehicles more functional,
  • investment in new energy sources, including nuclear energy,
  • implementation of EU programs aimed at transforming the European energy market,
  • increasing the role of recycling in obtaining plastics and their re-use,
  • investment in the public worldview, which can be expressed in a poster of environmental protection or other interesting form.

Why is environmental protection so important?

What is environmental protection? The answer to that question is simple: it’s not just a vague idea, but a challenge for present and future generations to face. Man is a part of nature, and any neglect in this field is like cutting the branch you are sitting on. We can already see that the lack of investment in environmental protection entails serious economic, financial and energy issues. What’s worse, this trend is gradually starting to deepen, which can be seen especially in the example of the increased risk of energy blackouts or smog in large cities in Poland.

All in all, environmental protection should be one of the priorities determining the development of a global society.

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