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Find out who we are and what makes us different.

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Art Open

Our team is full of people with passion, creativity and commitment to each project they participate in. For nearly a decade, together with you - our clients - we have been implementing various projects in the field of branding, designing book calendars and advertising calendars, outdoor advertising, graphic design, programming websites and online stores, applications including VR and AR, as well as photo shoots and movies of different kinds.

Each of your new projects gives us a new experience and allows us to meet new challenges. We are grateful to our clients for putting their trust in us and for including us in the group of their associates. It gives us a sense of satisfaction in working to achieve common goals.

One of them, extremely important, are activities supporting the protection of our natural environment by offering ecological and biodegradable products, such as stone or grass paper. We want to make our small contribution to the global pro-eco movement. We are looking for modern, innovative solutions limiting the consumption of natural resources. In our offer you will find modern advertising gadgets made of materials such as bamboo or organic cotton.

How do we work?

Conscientious, timely and committed.



We meet to learn about our clients' needs and discuss project details.



We analyze the collected information and look for the most optimal solutions for a given project.



We prepare a detailed quote for the service, which is finally finalized by sending an order.



We carry out the project according to a predetermined scheme, consulting the next steps with the client.

Get to know our team:

Out-of-the-box, full of innovativity, and highly aesthetic: those are the advantages of our projects. We have lots of experience, creativity and complete commitment to each project. We love what we do and treat work as a personal challenge.

Jacek Wiśniewski

Jacek Wiśniewski

President of the Board

Beata Wiśniewska

Beata Wiśniewska

Member of the Board
Monika Mazur

Monika Mazur

Customer Service Specialist
Patryk Łagódka

Patryk Łagódka

Graphics Department Manager
Dariusz Kawalec

Dariusz Kawalec

Graphic Designer

Jerzy Lazaridis

Jerzy Lazaridis

Senior Web Developer
ecological advertising agency Art Open Wroclaw

What makes us different?

Art Open advertising agency

1. Comprehensive service.

Our qualified team offers comprehensive services in the field of broadly understood marketing activities. Thanks to the up-to-date knowledge of current trends and understanding of an individual customer, our offer can be considered as flexible and personalized.

Art Open advertising agency

2. Many years of experience

We are an advertising agency with over 10 years of experience in our field. We have our own graphic and administrative department, thanks to which all of your orders are handled by experienced staff. When working with our clients, we fully care about professionalism and partnership relations. During many years of activity, we have established permanent cooperation with nearly 250 companies.

Thanks to our experience, we have the pleasure to work with some of the largest companies in Poland, such as KGHM, CCC, PGNiG, Hasco-Lek and KRAUSE.

Art Open advertising agency

3. Prizes and awards

We are the laureate of many awards and distinctions. Our company has been appreciated many times over the time, for example in the international ZoomArt competition for creating an atypical calendar - fully personalized one. We are also proud to inform that we were awarded the “Credible Partner” certificate as a company promoting fair behavior in business.

Our company, as one out of two advertising agencies in Poland, obtained the certificate of the Diamond Distributor of the Pier Luigi and stonebook brands. Each of these awards brings us pride, and at the same time it’s a motivation for further action.

Art Open advertising agency

4. Ecological raw materials

One of the most important activities in our company are all the actions supporting the protection of the natural environment by offering ecological and biodegradable products, such as stone or grass paper. We want to make our fair contribution to the global pro-ecological movement.

Thus, all the products from the ecological category are environmentally friendly, but at the same time we keep them durable and aesthetic. Giving up non-recyclable products can be the first, very important step for your business and management style to become ecological.

Art Open advertising agency

5. Business environment

We establish relationships with other business owners, as well as share experience and business knowledge. Thanks to that activity, we can transfer contacts to our best clients or business partners.

We also build our experience through networking and development meetings, belonging to the nationwide “Współpraca Fundamentem Sukcesu Polska” club. Every day we do our best to follow the motto “You are as intelligent as the environment in which you live.”

Art Open advertising agency

6. Support for social activities

Activities in our company are not only about completing the orders for our clients, but also supporting and assisting other organizations. For many years now, we have proudly supported the “Cząstka Ciebie” Foundation, whose goal is to organize and provide all kinds of help to people who need support while dealing with difficult life situations. We take an active part in charity auctions for the development of the Foundation.

As a petfriendly agency, we have also established a fruitful cooperation with the “Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami” Shelter for Homeless Animals in Wrocław, we are creating a wall calendar with photos of the animal residents of this place.