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Our activity doesn’t end with what we described previously. As an advertising agency, we engage in various types of charity campaigns, fundraisings, social assistance, and various types of animal help. We also care for the environment by organizing public cleaning campaigns. If you’re interested in learning more about our activities for the benefit of society, animals and the environment, you can find information about our actions and campaigns on the blog , or by browsing the portfolio. In our projects, we use advanced technologies chosen to meet our customers’ needs and requirements. We would also like to encourage you to use our book calendar wizard or fill in the service quote form.

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Answer the questions and get free service pricing. In our offer you will find many services, such as graphic design, personalized book calendars, company calendars, ecological calendars advertising gadgets, printouts, advertising movies and advertising photos as well as website programming, including e-commerce, applications, or AR and VR systems.

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