We pumped for Mia together
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Gaszyn Challenge, We help

30. 01. 2021

We pumped for Mia together
We pumped for Mia together

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We got nominated to take part in a noble action involving many people all over Poland. We would like to thank Hunters and Marc Pier Luigi 1993 for inviting us to the challenge.

Together, we could do something really positive, having a lot of fun while at it. The result of the challenge and our attempt at it can be found below.

What was the purpose of the whole challenge and how did it even start?

The rules of the action were simple: we were given a choice to perform 10 push-ups or 10 sit-ups, then people who met the requirements should donate a minimum of 5 PLN to the account. Those who didn’t succeed in the task paid a minimum of 10 PLN. The whole action started in a small village of Gaszyn situated between Praszka and Wieluń, just outside the border of the Opole region. The Firefighters from the local volunteer fire brigade, namely the vice-president of the Volunteer Fire Department, Marcin Topór, decided to support Wojtek Howis. The boy suffers from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and he needs a medicine commonly referred to as “the most expensive medicine in the world” because it costs about 10 million PLN. The video which was the beginning of the whole action can be seen below:

● At the moment when the article was written, the Gaszyn Challenge money boxes themselves raised the amount of 6,699,756 PLN. Current fundraising events of the Gaszyn Challenge can be found at napompowani.com. Our team pumped for little Mia, who also has SMA. We made our contribution and thanks to the support of many good people all over the world, we managed to raise over 9 million PLN for the most expensive medicine in the world.

„To become better yourself you don’t have to wait for a better world.”

Phil Bosmans


Helping others is always worth it. The good you give will come back to you multiplied significantly! There are still a lot of people in need, and the amounts needed for their treatment are unimaginably high. We can do good deeds not only from action to action, we can be good-natured all the time. Many collections, on which the lives of the suffering from various diseases people often depend, can be found on the website.

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