Eco-friendly packaging and boxes

Who isn’t familiar with the timeless statement "Beauty is only skin deep"? It might be true for people, but when it comes to design - even the most perfect ones need an appropriate setting. A well-packaged item is only a part of the success. Regardless of the type, shape or purpose, we will design the appropriate form of packaging.

gift boxes
Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Gift packagings

A good gift requires proper packaging. Our experience in the design and production of packaging can give you extraordinary implementations and precisely constructed boxes. Additional elements such as refinement, colors as well as taking into account the eco trend, give you a festival of unlimited possibilities.

Storage boxes

Packaging for storage

Packages which we prepare will satisfy even very demanding customers. Its quality arouses admiration and satisfaction. With our packaging, your product will not only be perfectly protected, but will also get a beautiful, individual frame.

Storage boxes
Storage boxes
Decorative boxes
Decorative boxes

Decorative boxes

Decorative packaging

Boxes with a logo made of natural materials can be a perfect packaging for an elegant gift for a loved one or a company employee. This kind of gesture will most definitely impress even hard-to-please people. The possibility of placing the company's logo on the box gives you an additional advantage in the form of the advertising aspect of the gadget.

Individual dimension

Packaging dimensions to suit your needs

We will adjust the packaging design to individual, unconventional dimensions, we will also make sure that the cutting process runs correctly and that the box stands out with its form and ingenious design, giving the packaging uniqueness.

individual box size
Individual packaging dimension
Packaging enhancements
Packaging enhancements

Packaging enhancements

Marking by proven printing techniques

We refine our packaging using advanced printing techniques such as die stamping, UV varnish, as well as the use of decorative foils and selected materials. We also have paper and environmentally friendly materials - so you can take care of our planet and focus on ecological packaging, still keeping it aesthetic.

Examples of refinements


Stamping with die

uv lacquer

UV lacquer

gold foil

Gold foil

matt foil

Matt foil

silver foil

Silver foil

eco paper

Eco paper

Your packaging

ecological packaging

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While we all know that "You can’t judge a book by its cover", in the case of products it’s not completely true. Packaging often determines the success of a product and the “cover” of the gift should be judged. But not only products require appropriate packaging. We use dust jackets, boxes and cardboard boxes in many situations and for many purposes.

Holidays, family meetings, company or industry celebrations - all of those events cannot be done without gifts and thus - gift boxes. A great choice are dedicated boxes, in any color, decorated, with or without print with a bow or other decoration of your choosing. Keep in mind that an aesthetically packed gift is an expression of respect and gratitude for the recipient.

Packaging is a world of endless shapes, colors and themes. Everything that we can imagine as a packaging can be successfully designed and printed. by us. Sky is the limit!

As we want to participate in taking care of our planet, we prefer cardboard and paper packaging which can be recycled. Eco-paper packaging looks modest but classy. We can also print them with ecological water-based paints or add decorative ecological elements - colorful strings and ribbons.

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