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10. 03. 2021



Collection of selected logos. Artwork in a variety of styles, appropriately sized for the purpose.

logo design


Refreshing the logotype for the industry producing wooden pallets. New signet design and typography proposal.

graphic design

Born To Fly •

Realization of the logotype for an airline agency. The sign was inspired by the wing of a Boeing aircraft. This is a combination of two different typography styles. In addition to the above, an abbreviated version of the brand book was created.

logo design

• Skywater

Creation of the Skywater brand - a company connected with the distribution of cylinder-free water systems. The signet symbolizes the natural movement of water in the glass and the element of a water drop.



Logo design for a new brand from the beauty industry - ML ART STUDIO. A minimalistic version of the sign based on a combination of two letters.


• ASD Kamieniarstwo

Implementation of a new logotype for the stone industry company. The design of the signet shows the harmonious arrangement of the blocks.

logo design

Mercus Logistyka •

Logo design made for the 30th anniversary of the foundation of Mercus Logistyka from the KGHM Group. The logo was used throughout the jubilee year during all promotional activities.

sign design

• Hunters

Design for the 30th anniversary of the company's activity on the market. Logotype closed in a block, symbolizing the shield with reference to the profile of the security company. The original colors of the main logotype have been used.


Municipality of Strzelin •

Creation of a logotype for the Municipal Office in Strzelin. In the signet, the symbol of an arrow refers to the historical archery tradition of the town. The form of hexagonal graphic elements refers to the granular structure of Strzelin granite, which exists in three varieties. Additional implementation of a full Visual Identification System.



Design of the logotype for the Orthodontic Laboratory. Logo signet based on a hand-drawn model of the camera made by the laboratory. A combination of a signet ring with simple typography.

graphic design logo


Logo design for a company providing comprehensive services in the field of construction supervision and inspection. The design is based on simple typography, combined with a signet ring, which gives the full name of the company. An abbreviated version of the brand book was created.

logotype visual identification

• S&A Service

“Renovation” of the logotype for a cleaning company. Typographic structure of the signet combined with the two main letters of the company name. Orange element is a symbol of movement, at the same time it’s forming the letter "S". An extensive Visual Identification System was prepared for the project.

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