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19. 05. 2022


Video spots

Full preparation of advertising films for Donako and Greenbrier.
Production of photos for clips and video editing.

Donako promotional video

Short promotional video

In today's weird times when the future is uncertain and traveling in the context of the coronavirus pandemic carries certain risks, promotional, technical or advertising movies start to gain great value. For example: a story of one of our valued, regular customers who contacted us with a request to record a video. It turned out that our client was in contact with a large foreign investor who was interested in buying the company, but for the time being ruled out coming to Poland to see the potential of our client's company. Thus, the client asked us to record a promotional video combined with a technical movie showing the client company’s potential and capabilities. We had 10 working days to submit it. It’s a very short time to make a technical movie, but it’s possible with good quality cooperation on both sides.

What steps must be taken to prepare, record and edit such a movie? The very first step is to prepare the script.

To prepare an effective scenario, we need to know exactly the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of making a video? What kind of video should it be?
  • What kind of audience should it be filmed for? What should we show in the film?
  • Who will be interviewed in the video? How many places should we show and which ones?
  • How long should the video take? Who will be responsible for preparing the script of the video?
  • Who will approve the script and when will it be approved?
  • What kind of voiceover should be substituted?

On Tuesday, we received answers to all the above questions. We had exactly 2 consecutive days to prepare the script, and later on, the client had one day to accept the script or provide us with instructions for modifications. A ready and accepted script was approved on Friday. We started the next Monday morning bright and early, at our client's factory with full equipment. The Art Open team consisted of two camera operators, a make-up artist and an operator assistant. The first step was an interview with the CEO and then, after recording it, we flew the drone over the entire area for nearly 25 minutes. After that, both our camera operators started working in separate production halls (there were three of those). The recording took us nearly 7 hours. From Tuesday, the recorded video material was edited and the process took us the next 2 days. On Thursday by noon, the client received the edited video material with the voice acting in English. Minor corrections from the client were applied by Friday, which was a deadline for returning the entire, edited film, because the next week the movie was supposed to be presented to the potential investor. Whenever you have time, check out the movie. If you are interested in recording a promotional, advertising or technical film, please contact us. We would also love to hear your thoughts about our projects!

Greenbrier advertising spot

Technical promotional video

In March 2022, we were asked to prepare a technical movie showing the technological capabilities of a railway wagon for the transport of coils of materials made mainly of metal. The purpose of recording the film was to accurately show the capabilities of the wagon in terms of functionality, its technical capabilities, descriptions and specific functions. The movie was supposed to be sent to potential customers interested in the wagon around the world. Before that, the client didn’t have any sort of video materials documenting the railway carriages they produced.

Any interested party just came to Świdnica and checked the wagons live, but in the tough times of the coronavirus pandemic, journeys became more difficult, hence the idea for video documentation. The script for the film was quite simple: the general idea was to show each of the useful functions of the wagon during the recording of the technical movie. The wagon was placed in an open space, where - during good weather - footage from the drone and camera was made. For making of this video, one camera operator and a drone were enough. The entire recording time was around 3 hours. The editing of the film, along with adding the sound and functional graphics, took 2 days. Check out the video to see the final result!

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