Clean up action - Open to the environment
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By organizing a cleaning action entitled "OTWARCI NA ŚRODOWISKO" (“OPEN TO THE ENVIRONMENT”) we wanted to draw attention to the serious problem of littering green areas, as well as educate others in the field of recycling and segregation of garbage.

07. 08. 2020

Clean up action - Open to the environment
Clean up action - Open to the environment

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By organising a cleaning action entitled “OPEN TO THE ENVIRONMENT” we aimed to draw attention to the serious problem of littering in green areas and to educate on recycling and waste segregation.

Every year, the global consumption doesn’t decrease, which leads straight to increase of the amount of generated waste. All of the rubbish needs to be sorted to later be recycled and given a “second life” instead of going to a landfill. Among the rubbish which can be recycled there are mainly PET bottles, straws, cups, disposable cutlery, plastic cardboard boxes, the so-called tetrapacks and disposable bags. The latter on the list we can - and should - give up, replacing them with reusable material bags.

Together with other local companies concerned about the environment, we managed to collect almost a full container of rubbish, for the not-so-large area of the Odra riverbank. What we found in the undergrowth terrified us and made us think - is the Poles’ awareness of the generated waste enough?

We encourage you to watch the video of the action, in which … see for yourself.

In the following material you will learn about the motivation and reasons behind actions of some representatives of companies and sponsors who took part in this amazing action on Wrocław’s Kozanów.

Many thanks to:

  • Mrs Karolina Kołacz from Chemeko - System,
  • Mr. Mariusz Huk of Koleje Dolnośląskie S.A,
  • Mr. Marek Niewiadomski from Pan Precel brand,
  • Ms Anna Gąsiorek from mToilet,
  • Ms Agnieszka Ćwikła Suszek of Wróblewska Business Event,
  • Mr. Andrzej Witczak from DronLot & Partner Insurance,
  • Ekosystem Company,
  • HotSpot Beach Bar,
  • Damian Terka & Seweryn Terka.

Let’s not forget that the Earth is a home for all of us and we should all care for it. We encourage you to correctly and responsibly segregate plastics and, where possible, to give it up completely. We are aware that nowadays it’s difficult to eliminate plastic from our daily lives, but we strongly believe we can minimize its harmful impact on our health as well as the environment.

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