Online calendar creator
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01. 02. 2021

Online calendar creator
Online calendar creator

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Calendar Builder - create your own design!

Choose stitching, binding type, pen loop, magnet closure flap and other accessories. Compose your own design of the calendar or notebook.

Do you want your product to be fully professional? Do you want it to be made of high-quality ecological paper and to appeal to your customers and the companies you work with?

Company notebooks and calendars are one of the most popular advertising tools. Now, thanks to the possibility of creating individual projects, we prepare the unique versions for you. Due to their practical nature, the pages of the notebook may contain information about your company, a photo of the product, a company slogan or other kind of advertisement.

If you want and know how to, you don’t have to limit yourself to our projects, you can prepare your own. If you want to stand out in particular, use the free tool for designing notebooks in line with your preferences, both its interior and cover.

Book calendars, that we make for you are produced entirely from scratch, in line with the individual preferences of the client. Our rich offer includes ecological raw materials, such as stone and grass paper, creative sewing, original calendar blocks or marking covers with hot stamping technology.

Please note that as of May 2021, we are starting a fresh calendar season, which will be full of new products - feel free to contact us, today to discuss the details of the project.

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