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09. 03. 2021



Book calendar - project made on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of KGHM.

book calendars 2021

• Copper and leather

A book calendar in B5 format with an embossed KGHM jubilee matrix and the current year. Implementation of two frames: copper pico and business natural leather. Some of the calendars were prepared with engraved name personalization.

personalized calendars

Personalized product •

This calendar was prepared with a special raw material in the form of Arctic Volume, which gave it even more prestige. The final product is completed with a white satin ribbon with one side print of the client's logo.

original calendars

• Author's block

The entire calendar block has been prepared and printed in the PANTONE colors - two tones of the customer: copper and gray. Additionally, the calendar includes the two most important holidays related to the company: Metallurgist's Day and Miner's Day.

calendars 2021book calendarsbook calendars 2021calendars 2021

History of KGHM •

The calendar was complemented by 6 stickers, which are an integral part of it. Graphic designs show the history of the company from its inception: the discovery of the copper deposit in 1957, to the operation of the plant today.

jubilee calendars

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