Lower Silesian Railways

graphic design

08. 03. 2021


Lower Silesian Railways

A consistent line of projects for the railroad company.

book calendars 2021

• Book Calendars

A5 daily book calendar, made of navy blue Vivela with two embossings: on the front and back cover. One-side printed satin ribbon with the customer's logo.

business calendars 2021

Front liner •

Front cover of the calendar showing important dates in the history of the Lower Silesian Railways. The project was presented as a timeline.

printed calendars 2021

• Backing liner

The back cover of the calendar shows a schematic diagram of the Lower Silesian Railway timetable.

promotional gadgets

Promotional gadgets •

An aluminum keychain in the shape of a bottle opener with a laser-engraved logo. A ready ecological bag made of smooth kraft paper with a single color print.


• Anti-hacker

Preparation of a screen with a graphic design of the instructions for use. A unique product that prevents from viewing, monitoring and downloading confidential files via webcam by unauthorized parties.


Lanyard •

Production of advertising lanyards with double-sided printing. It’s one of the most popular forms of utility gadgets. The engineering drawing of the train is included in the graphic design.

electronic gadgets


Set of power bank + USB Hub splitter with marking in the form of laser engraving. When the gadget is used, the logotype is highlighted in white. Power bank with a capacity of 400 mAh, USB splitter, micro USB, USB C, Lightning (iPhone) output. The whole set is packed with colored paper. Available colors: black, red or navy blue.

wall calendars

Wall calendar •

Graphic design and production of a three-fold calendar with a convex head. Individual, yellow color of the sliding window.

calendars 2021

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