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02. 05. 2022


Web Application
UV Reactor E-Learning Assemble Guide

Programming a dedicated video player which fulfills the function of e-learning software, designed to learn how to assemble UV Reactor devices, using JavaScript, css3, html5 and video files with 3D animations. This is our internal project, uploaded to local devices, prepared in English.

Graphic design of the application

UI and UX design of the application

Designing the player's layout, including responsiveness - preparing layouts for mobile devices, including mobile devices. Selection of the appropriate font, colors, graphic elements - icons for the player's buttons. Separation of space for 3D animations. Defining font sizes and interactive elements as part of the player's availability.

graphic design of 3D web application
Design of e-learning application layouts
Specification of a dedicated web application
Specification of e-learning application

Functionality of a web application

Project Specification

The application acts as an e-learning platform with a video player. It is an internal project, made for training purposes.

Using the application, you can:

  • View an instructional animation divided into 4 sections of 12 short 3D animations each.
  • Control the playback of 3D animation every second.
  • Control multimedia sound.
  • Watch 3D animations in full-screen mode.
  • The animations switch in sequence, automatically.
  • Switch episodes and sections.
  • Check the information on the application.

Technologies used:







3D animations

3D Animations

Programming the player

Application development process

The designed layouts were programmed using HTML5 and CSS3. The variables responsible for the player's responsiveness have been polished. The functionality is based on the Web Media API developed by w3. It allows one to create dedicated elements to control the video file. All functional activities have been implemented using JavaScript, including changing the previously prepared 3D animations, full-screen mode, sound control, stopping and resuming the video, as well as the operation of the menu and other application buttons.

3D e-learning platform programming
Programming e-learning platform with 3D animations
Implementation of e-learning web application
Implementation of e-learning application

Implementation of e-learning application

Target infrastructure

The application is an internal project made specifically for employee training and has been ultimately placed on tablet devices. As it was uploaded to local devices - the user didn't have to worry about the server and its configuration. A small challenge which we managed to solve was to correct the paths format adequately to the operating system of the target devices.

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