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04. 05. 2022


Outdoor Market website


Designing and programming a modern website with contact forms and an interactive map. The whole structure is based on the CMS Wordpress system, for the Outdoor Market company from the outdoor advertising industry.

Graphic design of the website

UI and UX design of the website

The website has been designed to match the target customer’s needs: so that they can easily search for the proper type of outdoor advertising medium and its location. The modern user interface has been expanded with typographic animations and interactive icons. Minimalism, bright colors, legible and colorful fonts, full responsiveness and compatibility, vivid photographs and dynamic animations - these are the recognition marks of our project.

Website layout design
Website layout design
Website specifications
Website specifications

Functionality of the service

Website specifications

The website holds a couple of functions: it’s a presentation of company image, a form of communication spot and a source of information. You will find there not only information on the services offered, but also a list of locations and an interactive map with the names of cities and towns where you can order an advertisement carrier.

With the website you can:

  • Get to know the advertising media and services offered
  • Look for a target media location
  • Find specific information on individual advertising media
  • Contact the company easily via the form, by e-mail or by phone
  • Send a question regarding the services offered using dedicated contact forms
  • Explore the locations of advertising media thanks to a dedicated Google Map
  • Track website traffic using Google Analytics
  • Modify and develop the website from the CMS Wordpress panel.

Technologies used:











Website programming

Project development process

The project was prepared using the CMS Wordpress system. High-quality photos were used for the graphic design, and the interactive map was programmed using the API for Google Maps. The location search engine was programmed using JavaScript, and the forms and theme of the website were developed using PHP. CSS3 animations and typographic animation using the typewriter.js library have been added as a form of addition. Light graphics in vector format were used for the interface icons. Useful plugins have been added to Wordpress in order to make the administration and website service easier. A portfolio in which the customer can easily place documentation from the advertising campaigns carried out in the future was also prepared.

Web site programming
Web site programming
Website implementation
Website implementation

Web service implementation

Server works

The website, after refinement and corrections requested by the customer, was placed on the client's server, and we took care of the backup and its security. We have also integrated it with Google Analytics, which gives the customer an opportunity to monitor the traffic on the website independently. We update Wordpress and installed plugins on a regular basis, which keeps the website in line with the latest trends on the market at all times.

The project can be viewed at: outdoormarket.pl

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