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Astro-System website


Designing and programming a website based on Wordpress for the Astro-System company, which specializes in property security systems.

Graphic design of the website

Designing the interface and user experience

Website layout has been designed in order to keep the company’s visual identity. Rounded interface elements with color transitions, sophisticated font, menu pages glued to the top, vivid photos and interesting animations, appropriate information arrangement and aesthetic CTA (call to action) modules - these are the main features of our project, guaranteeing its consistency, originality and modern design. High-quality photos and dynamic animations of elements are easy to look at while browsing the website.

Graphic design of the website
Website layout design
Website specification
Website specification

Website functionality

Project Specification

The Astro-System website is both an image and information website designed to make finding the services and products offered by the company easier, and to present the company as modern and innovative.

Using the site, you can:

  • Get to know the products and services offered by the company.
  • Learn about the company's history and mission.
  • Easily navigate through the site with easy-to-access navigation.
  • Publish company publications and realizations.
  • Manage the site and users with the CMS.
  • Contact the company by email, phone or through the form.
  • Find the company's headquarters on a map.
  • Search the site using a search engine.
  • Monitor website traffic and Google search data using Google Analytics and Search Console.

Technologies used:











Website programming

Project development process

The website was set up using the CMS Wordpress system - it allowed to perform the action quickly and also dealt with the issue of publishing the content on the website. A light theme was chosen for the project, prepared specifically in terms of the client's visual identification system. Dynamic CSS animations were programmed, making the website more attractive for the audience. Information on services, products, the company itself and contact details has been organized so that it is presented to users in an accessible way. Additional navigation on the subpages of the offer has been introduced to make it easy to navigate between the offered services. The user interface has been implemented with contact buttons - for sending e-mails and performing phone calls. The whole project has been prepared in terms of responsiveness and compatibility with various browsers and devices.

Website programming
Website programming
Website implementation
Website implementation

Web service implementation

Server works

After some final corrections and filling in the missing content, the website was placed on the client's server, where it was secured with an SSL certificate. We regularly backup website files and databases, and we also take care of updating the CMS system and plugins used in the project.

The project can be viewed at: astro-system.pl

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